Get the Facts About Beer Hats

Are the Beer Hats made from actual beer cases?
Yes, Beer Hats are made from real beer cases. New cases are purchased directly from the brewery and made into the unique hats you see offered on our website.

Why don't you sell hats from other popular brands of beer?
Only certain breweries (and certain beers) allow their cases to be made into licensed Beer Hats. The Beer Hats we sell are made available through special licensing agreements with the breweries.

Inside of a Beer Hat

How do Beer Hats hold up in the rain?
Beer Hats are made from actual beer cases which are made from what they call "wet board" - cardboard treated with polyurethane. Wet board is made to withstand being in ice water for over 36 hours and still be able to hold their beer cans without disintegrating. Beer Hats have been tested in the rain and at the beach and water beads right off them. Please note, if water gets inside the hat, they may not withstand the water so well.

How are Beer Hats "one size fits all"?
The Beer Hats are designed to flex on the sides so that they will fit any size and/or shape of head. An elastic band on the inside assists in sizing and comfort.

Why would I buy a Beer Hat when I could make one myself?
The look of the Beer Hat has developed and matured over the years from a clumsy looking hat cut out by hand and held together with staples to something that is sure to grabs everyone's attention. The patterns for the hat are cut from a precision die using a 15 ton press that makes every hat the same. The hats are then assembled and sewn together using industrial sewing machines. The hat is much more professional looking and impressive than something you can make at home.

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